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Zika Virus & Malaria Prevention Kit

Dr. Stuart Rose

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Zika Virus & Malaria Prevention Kit

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The ZiKA Virus epidemic is now a worldwide threat since its arrival in the Western Hemisphere in 2013. There is no vaccine or treatment. You must prevent daytime mosquito bites, especially if you are pregnant or may become pregnant, since the main danger is damage to a fetus.

Zika is in the same virus family as dengue fever, so preventing daytime mosquito bites will also prevent dengue (as well as chikungunya fever). These diseases cause fever, headache, a rash, and muscle and joint pain. Many ZIKA infections go undiagnosed since these symptoms may be mild (unlike dengue fever).

Our ZIKA Virus & Malaria Prevention Kit contains two 30% DEET repellents (lotion and pump spray) and two permethrin aerosol clothing sprays. Using this combination of skin repellent and clothing insecticide, you can get >99% insect-bite protection when they are applied as directed.

Use this Kit when you are traveling to countries where malaria is a risk.Malaria is transmitted by evening and nighttime biting mosquitoes, so round-the-clock insect-bite prevention maybe required in many countries where both diseases occur.


  • Ben's 30 Pump Spray 3.2 oz.
  • Ultrathon Lotion 2 oz.
  • Sawyer Permethrin Aerosol Spray 9 oz. (2)

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