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Ultrathon Permethrin 12-Pack

Dr. Stuart Rose

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Ultrathon Permethrin 12-Pack

  • 9795

12-Pack Clothing & Gear Insect Repellent

Manufactured by 3M, Ultrathon Permethrin Clothing & Gear Repellent is an insecticide proven to kill mosquitoes and ticks, but is completely safe for humans. It is so effective, in fact, that it is used by the U.S. Military to treat their battle uniforms. When Permethrin is applied to clothing, bed nets, tents or gear the treated fabric repels or kills biting insects including the mosquitoes that transmit malaria, dengue fever, and West Nile virus and ticks that transmit Lyme disease, African tick typhus, European tick-borne encephalitis and many other illnesses.

After application, Permethrin bonds to the treated fabric and is completely odorless and non-staining. When Permethrin treated clothing is used in conjunction with a DEET insect repellent on exposed skin, nearly 100% protection against disease causing mosquitoes and ticks can be achieved.


  • Odorless & nonstaining
  • Protects for 6 weeks
  • Clothing can be laundered multiple times without loss of effectiveness
  • Easy-to-use 8-oz. trigger spray
  • Treats 2 sets of clothing & 1 additional garment.

12-Pack Ultrathon Permethrin Spray 97.95

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