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Ultrathon Lotion and Permethrin Aerosol Combo

Dr. Stuart Rose

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Ultrathon Lotion and Permethrin Aerosol Combo

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Fite the Bite! Not just for nuisance bites. Wear permethrin-treated clothing and apply a DEET-based repellent to your exposed skin and you’ll get nearly 100%, protection against mosquitoes and ticks - insects whose bite can transmit malaria, West Nile virus, Lyme disease, TBE (tick-borne encephalitis) and other serious diseases.

An extended-duration DEET insect repellent (Ultrathon®) and permethrin-treated clothing is the standard personal protection system used by the U.S. military deployed in areas of the world where insect-borne disease is a real threat. One field study showed that the use of these products together provided 99.9% protection against mosquito bites, in an environment where unprotected persons received an average of 1,188 bites per hour!

One of the best things about permethrin is its length of effectiveness per application. Clothing treated with permethrin protects >2 weeks and through 2 washings, whichever comes first.

One container (6.5 oz.) of Repel® Clothing Spray treats 2 complete outfits (shirt, pants, socks).

One tube (2 oz. lotion) of Ultrathon will last 1 person 7-10 days with twice daily application.


  • 1 Ultrathon® 2-oz. Skin Repellent Lotion
  • One 6.5 oz. Repel® Permethrin Aerosol Clothing Spray

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