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Dr. Stuart Rose

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Reduce your risk of DVT

Concerned about travelers' thrombosis (deep vein thrombosis - DVT) and the risk it may pose to your health? Hours of sitting in a cramped airline seat can set the stage for this blood-clot problem. We have the perfect solution. Travelsox were designed to exert a gradual compression on the leg, stimulating blood flow and preventing legs and feet from swelling. These innovative Coolmax socks will keep your legs and feet from feeling heavy and tired. Travelsox feature extra smooth toe seams and superior fit and comfort.

Available in two colors (black and khaki) and three sizes (small, medium, and large).

Small fits women's shoe sizes 4–7 and men's shoe sizes 3–6

Medium fits women's shoe sizes 7.5–11 and men's shoe sizes 6.5–9.5 

Large fits men's shoe sizes 10–13

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