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The Gadabout Permethrin-Treated Mosquito Net

Dr. Stuart Rose

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The Gadabout Permethrin-Treated Mosquito Net

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This is a traditional mosquito net for the tropics and is very versatile. The 40-foot circumference of the net is large enough to enclose even a king-size bed, but due to its light weight and compact design, the Gadabout (formerly called the Nimbus) can easily be carried by the solo traveler!

Get extra protection! These nets are treated with "Insect Shield" which is a proprietary blend of permethrin repellent. Pre-treated mosquito nets increase mosquito bite protection over non-treated mosquito nets by about 18%. The use of treated mosquito nets will reduce mosquito populations within the domicile it is used by exposing and thus killing mosquitoes that land on the treated fabric.

The manufacturer claims that: “Insect Shield remains effective through 6 months of constant exposure to weathering or 25 launderings."

As a supplier of permethrin based repellents, we can vouch for these levels of performance from research conducted for the US Military. The “6 months of constant exposure” statement could be viewed as normal use for 1 to 2 years. Keep in mind that permethrin deteriorates over time by exposure to UV light, abrasion (washing), and can be completely removed by dry-cleaning due to the dry-cleaning solvents. We recommend that you store your net when not in use in its carry bag and out of direct sunlight.

How to use this net. This net is suspended from a folding bamboo frame that attaches to the ceiling or an overhead beam creating a pleasing, secure enclosure. (A ceiling attachment kit is included.)

Many of our customers purchase the Nimbus for use in their home. It's even great for that summer house on the lake, or for setting up on your porch.

This 100% polyester net from Thailand has 156 holes/sq. in. mesh and is less tight than no-see-um netting and gives better ventilation.

Weight: 17 oz.
Height: 8 ft.
Circumference: 40 ft.

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