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Expedition Mosquito Net for travel

Dr. Stuart Rose

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Expedition Mosquito Net

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A Highly Effective, Functional & Decorative Mosquito Net for All Bed Sizes

The Expedition Safari Grade Mosquito Net meets the high standards of form fitting function of the traditional tropical nets so famous for their exotic appeal. The 200 class mesh 50 denier meets the standards for mosquito protection. The Expedition is spacious enough for two people and is suitable for all bed sizes up to and including king size. The suspended net offers a pleasing appearance and is both decorative and functional. Includes a single point suspension system.

Great for tropical travel, the summer house, porch or even outside where it can be suspended from a tree or other hanging point.

Treat your bed net with permethrin and you'll get even more protection! Randomized, controlled trials have shown significant increased protection against malaria and other-insect-transmitted diseases when permethrin-treated nets are used. You have the option of either spraying or soaking your net. See drop-down options above.

Color: White

Shape - circular w/side entry flap

Weight: 17 oz.

Height: 8 ft.

Circumference: 40 ft.

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