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Lime Disease Prevention Kit, Ultrathon, Permethrin, tick nipper

Dr. Stuart Rose

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Lyme Disease Prevention Kit

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Lyme disease is a serious but preventable disease that is growing more rampant in its normal hotspots across the US, mainly the Northeast and Upper Midwest. It is also endemic throughout Europe and Russia. 

If you engage engage in hiking, camping, or similar outdoor activities in wooded regions of endemic areas, you must take measures to prevent tick bites; This includes applying a DEET-containing repellent to exposed skin and (beforehand) permethrin spray to clothing and gear. Always check your body for ticks after outdoor exposure and promptly remove any tick using the tweezers in this Kit. 

Undiagnosed and untreated Lyme disease can cause serious, and sometimes long-lasting health problems.

Permethrin is very effective against ticks, so apply it liberally to your clothing, especially to socks, pant cuffs, trousers, shirt sleeves and collars.


Kit includes:

Sawyer Permethrin 9-oz. Aerosol Spray. One 9 oz. permethrin spray will treat 2 sets of clothes (long sleeve, long pants and socks) for 6 weeks or through 6 launderings, which ever comes first.

Ultrathon 12-hour DEET repellent: The 33% DEET formula is dispersed in a unique controlled-release polymer, which reduces the loss of DEET from the skin surface through absorption and evaporation. When Ultrathon is used on exposed skin in conjunction with permethrin-treated clothing, complete protection against annoying and potentially disease-causing ticks (and mosquitoes) can be achieved.

Tick Nipper: This patented tick-removing plier removes any size tick more simply and safely than any other method. By sliding under the tick without squeezing or cutting, it grips firmly without breaking the mouth parts. Tick nipper™ comes with a built in 20X lens to help identify the small, dangerous deer tick on skin or clothes. 

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