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HoneyComb Mask

Dr. Stuart Rose

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HoneyComb Mask

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Are you tired of breathing stale, dry cabin air that contains other people's germs? Then get the mask used by Japan Air Lines.

The Honeycomb Mask is unsurpassed in combating the dryness that the nose and throat experience in artificially ventilated environments, such as airliners. The Honeycomb Mask is little, lightweight, disposable, and most of all it works! The mask holds a simple mesh filter in place under your nose. The filter extracts moisture from the exhaled air and reuses it to humidify inhaled air.

Dr. Richard Dawood, writing in Conde Nast Traveler magazine, states "I was already halfway into a 12-hour flight when I tried it out. I had awakened suddenly with throat and nasal passages parched and raw and had abandoned hope of getting back to sleep. Surprisingly, relief was rapid and lasting."

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