GoToob 3-Pack-Multicolor – Travel Medicine, Inc.
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GoToob 3-Pack-Multicolor Travel Bottle, Clear/Green/Blue

Dr. Stuart Rose

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GoToob 3-Pack-Multicolor Travel Bottle, Clear/Green/Blue

  • 1970

The Civilized, Squeezable Travel Tube

Great for travel and camping use, this carry-on-approved GoToob bottle makes it easy to travel with your favorite gels and lotions.

The soft silicone-rubber bottle features a wide opening, which means you can fill them from a larger bottle, without spilling expensive products all over your sink. Since they use silicone in the bottle, they are BPA free (a big issue nowadays) and they are even FDA approved for food use. When placed in a correct baggie, they are also TSA approved. The innovation doesn't end there - each bottle features a special no-drip valve, similar to what you'll find in some plastic ketchup bottles.

But wait - there is more! The bottles feature a nifty ID window, making it easy to determine whether you picked up the shampoo or the conditioner. The window has markings for shampoo, conditioner, soap, sunscreen, lotion and "..." if you bring something else.

Features include:

      • No-drip valve
      • Hinged cap
      • Large opening for easy filling
      • Food-safe
      • BPA-free

Available in multi color 3-Pack

Size: 3 oz.


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