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Fresh Bath Travel Wipes for travel

Dr. Stuart Rose

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Fresh Bath Travel Wipes

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These pre-moistened towelettes are germ killers. Pack them for their refreshing moisture and appreciate the job they do on the germs and bacteria you encounter all around the world. Great for freshening up en-route or after a day of sightseeing, backpacking or hiking. Heavy duty wipes provide antibacterial, rinse-free bathing.

"The next best thing to a shower, these anti-bacterial wipes come in large (8” x 5”) and extra-large (8"x 8") sheets pre-moistened with vitamins A, E and Aloe Vera. Our tester appreciated the wash-cloth-like texture, and swears she smelled “just shy of a rose,” despite four showerless days of sweaty backcountry skiing. Bonus points: They’re also biodegradable."

Review from Backpacker Magazine

"You've been in the woods for five days and man do you stink! Good thing you have some Adventure Medical Fresh Bath Wipes to clean yourself off before venturing back into society. When your hands and face start getting filthy or you just want to clean up before a meal, wipe the grime away with these easy-to-use wipes. Just make sure you don't leave these things laying all over the backcountry."

8 wipes per package. Two sizes available:

Fresh Bath Travel Wipes 5" x 8"

Fresh Bath Body/Bath Wipes 8" x 8"

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