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Dentemp tooth repair

Dr. Stuart Rose

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The last thing you need far from home is a lost filling, or a loose cap, crown, or inlay. Our dental kit contains temporary filling mix, and a special medication to relieve toothache almost immediately. Safe, easy to use, recommended by dentists.


    • No. 1 dental repair material - Based on drug store sales of temporary dental repair materials reported by IRI, Inc.
    • Repairs both loose caps & lost fillings
    • Clinically proven
    • No waste
    • 6 + Repairs
    • No mixing
    • Resealable - stays fresh
    • You can eat on it!
    • Instant pain relief
    • Dentemp O.S. provides fast relief of pain and discomfort until you can see your dentist
    • Clinically tested, Dentemp O.S. is pleasant tasting, safe and so effective you can eat on it.

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