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Cutter Kid-Safe Insect Repellent

Dr. Stuart Rose

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Cutter Kid-Safe Insect Repellent

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*Long lasting protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects
*Safe for kids
*Superior consumer value
*6-oz. Aerosol can

Kid-friendly formula is safe for children > 2 months of age.*

Active ingredient:  DEET (10%)

Note: DEET is safe in kids when properly applied by a caregiver! DEET toxicity in children primarily consists of accidentally getting the product in a child's mouth or eyes. Neurological toxicity (e.g., seizures) has never been shown to be caused by the application of DEET to a child's skin - even infants.

The application of an effective repellent is especially important when a child is travelling to a country where there is the risk of insect-transmitted diseases, such as malaria,dengue fever and West Nile virus

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