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When you journey overseas, do you know how to prepare for a safe trip?

Do you know what health risks you might encounter? And what to do if sudden illness or injury strikes? Chances are you are leaving without the vital information you need to prevent (or treat) such diseases as travelers’ diarrhea (affecting up to 60% of travelers), hepatitis, typhoid, yellow fever, and malaria. Just where can you turn when looking for answers to these questions?

Travel Medicine, Inc., was founded in 1989 by Stuart R. Rose, MD to publish his book, The International Travel Health Guide. Since then, our company has become a leading provider of information and products dedicated to the health and safety of the traveler. Our goal is to offer the products and services you need for safe travel, both at home and abroad, while providing the most comprehensive travel medicine information you will find online.

Stuart R. Rose, M.D., FACEP – President & CEO

Stuart R. Rose, MD, the author of The International Travel Health Guide, founded Travel Medicine, Inc. in 1989. Dr. Rose was educated at Amherst College and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He is board certified in emergency medicine and internal medicine, and is a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. 

Dr. Rose is the Director of the Travel Medicine Center of Western Massachusetts in Northampton and attending physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Noble Baystate Hospital in Westfield, Massachusetts. He is a member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and the International Society of Travel Medicine. The International Travel Health Guide is available online at

Jay Stephen Keystone, M.D., M.Sc. (CTM), FRCPC – Advisory Board Member
Dr. Jay S. Keystone is professor, Department of Medicine, at the University of Toronto. He is a staff physician at the Tropical Disease Unit, Toronto General Hospital and Director of Medisys Travel Health Clinic, Toronto. Dr. Keystone received his medical degree from the University of Toronto, graduating with the Cody gold medal (1964-1969). He completed his internship at Toronto General Hospital and his residency at Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto as well as the University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor. He did postgraduate work in Clinical Tropical Medicine at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and field work in India, Africa and South America.

Dr. Keystone has received numerous honors and has held medical society positions worldwide. He is the past president of the International Society of Travel Medicine, the clinical section of the American Society of Tropical Medicine, and the Canadian Society of International Health. He has been published in many distinguished and some not-so-distinguished international journals. Dr. Keystone is a renowned lecturer in the fields of travel and tropical medicine. He has spoken on several continents and has been incontinent. Dr. Keystone’s research interests are in leprosy, travelers' diarrhea, intestinal parasites, and travelers’ health. Most of his field research is done in South India.

His claim to fame is being the first and last attending physician to make rounds at the Toronto General Hospital on roller blades.

Peter Hackett, M.D. – Advisory Board Member
A world-recognized authority in the field of high altitude illness, Dr. Hackett is currently the Clinical Director of the Altitude Research Center at the University of Colorado Denver Medical School and Director of The Institute for Altitude Medicine in Telluride, Colorado. Like most people who come to Telluride, Peter Hackett, M.D., was drawn by the mountains. But more than the craggy vistas and powder skiing, he was attracted by their elevation: They’re high enough to make people sick. And whether he’s in Telluride, Alaska or Nepal, studying altitude-related illnesses is Hackett’s passion.

Over the last three decades, Hackett’s pioneering work at high camp on Denali, Mount Everest and now in Telluride has significantly improved the understanding of high-altitude physiology and the methods for coping with life-threatening conditions, such as cerebral and pulmonary edema. He has directed numerous high-altitude research projects throughout Nepal and Alaska, and was Medical Director of the AMGA. In the mid-’70s, he founded the Himalayan Rescue Association in Kathmandu, Nepal. In 1981, he was a doctor and mountaineer on John West’s American Medical Expedition to Everest and successfully soloed the summit.

Dr. Hackett is a Founding Member of the Wilderness Medical Society, Co-Chair of the International Hypoxia Symposia, and Past-President of the International Society for Mountain Medicine. He also serves on the board of several medical journals, and has written a book, countless articles, and book excerpts on wilderness and high-altitude medicine. His media appearances include Nightline with Ted Koppel, and two NOVA specials.

Paul S. Auerbach, MD, MS, FACEP, FAWM – Advisory Board Member
Paul S. Auerbach, MD, MS, FACEP, FAWM is Professor of Surgery in the Division of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University. Dr. Auerbach is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. Former Chief of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University and Vanderbilt University, he is one of the world’s leading authorities on wilderness medicine. A graduate of Duke University and Duke University School of Medicine, as well as the Stanford Graduate School of Business, he is editor of the textbook Wilderness Medicine (5th edition), author of numerous books including Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine, Medicine for the Outdoors, Diving the Rainbow Reefs, and Management Lessons from the E.R., past president of the Wilderness Medical Society and editor emeritus of the journal Wilderness and Environmental Medicine.

Dr. Auerbach serves as the national medical consultant on hazardous marine animals to the Divers Alert Network (DAN), is a member of the National Medical Committee for the National Ski Patrol System, chairs the Medical Advisory Board for Healthline Networks (, and is a recipient of the DAN America Award, the Outstanding Contribution in Education Award from the American College of Emergency Physicians, NOGI Award from the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences, and Diver of the Year from Beneath the Sea. In 2008 he was selected as a ‘Hero of Emergency Medicine’ by the American College of Emergency Physicians. has chosen a range of health products and travel supplies designed to enhance your comfort and safety and prevent travel-related illness. Our line of products includes insect repellents, such as Ultrathon and the new Picaridin products, Permethrin clothing and gear treatment, medical, dental, and sterile needle kits, water purifiers, hand sanitizers, rehydration formulas and outdoor survival products … and much more! Whether you are a business executive, a student, a seasoned traveler – or planning your first trip abroad – let Travel Medicine, Inc., help you have a safe and comfortable trip!

- Stuart R. Rose, MD, FACEP