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Katadyn Drip Filter

Dr. Stuart Rose

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Katadyn Drip Filter

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This drip filter, which is used by international relief organizations such as the Red Cross, is an excellent choice for anyone needing to filter large quantities of water under field conditions.

The heart of the Katadyn Drip Filter is the ceramic element, which will filter particles as small as 0.2 microns, removing all disease-causing bacteria and protozoa. Because the ceramic filter can be cleaned hundreds of times, more water can be filtered at a fraction of the price of a unit with a nonrecoverable filter.

The easy-to-maintain Drip Filter features no moving parts. It outputs 4 liters per hour, and the service life is 39,000 gallons. A measuring gauge indicates when the filter needs to be replaced.

Weight: 7.3 lb. Size: 10" x 18"

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