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Dr. Stuart Rose

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Cera Products also makes CitrusSport, a powdered sports drink that restores essential salts and fluid lost in sweat from exercise, heat, or fever.

CitrusSport rehydrates fast, without the typical cramping and nausea that occurs with most other sports drinks. In fact, in a study at the University of Iowa, CitrusSport was reported to maintain circulating blood volume better than Gatorade at 20, 40, 60, and 80 minutes. Now that’s fast! Available in a citrus flavor.



  • Quick fluid replacement and electrolyte replacement resulting from exercise and sweat loss
  • Sustains energy through its long-chain carbohydrate and electrolyte blend
  • Minimizes adverse GI problems associated with many sports drinks like cramping or nausea
  • Maintains body hydration - helps prevent dehydration.

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