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Sawyer Permethrin Aerosol Spray - 9 oz.

Dr. Stuart Rose

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Sawyer Permethrin Aerosol Spray - 9 oz.

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When maximum protection against insect bites is needed wear permethrin-treated clothing PLUS a skin repellent.

Stain-free and virtually odorless, permethrin spray is used on clothing, tents, screens, sleeping bags, bedding or other barriers to repel and kill ticks, mosquitoes, mites and chiggers.

Registered with the EPA in most states, Permethrin is safe for humans including infants. A single spray application of Permethrin lasts for 6 weeks and does not wash off with water or in laundry.

One 9 oz. permethrin spray will treat 2 sets of clothes (long sleeve, long pants and socks) or 2 mosquito nets or one sleeping bag for 6 weeks or through 6 launderings, which ever comes first.

"I bought this product because I was going to Ghana for three months. The public health nurse at my health department recommended I spray all my clothes because I would be living in such an intense malaria region. I did, and it worked well. Along with this treatment, I used insect spray daily. Together they kept me free of mosquito bites for the summer."

Sawyer 9-oz. Permethrin Aerosol Spray

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