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Voltage Protector

Dr. Stuart Rose

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EuroSurge Voltage protector

  • 6500

Isn’t your precious laptop worth the very best protection you can give it?For operating your dual-voltage appliances on 220-240 volts outside North America, EuroSurge is the best portable protection available. It plugs into common grounded European “Schuko”/French-Belgian sockets and provides complete three-line power AND modem line protection:. The EuroSurge includes an internal pulse filter that eliminates unwanted metering signals that can interrupt your modem transmission in many European countries.

Features two protected and grounded AC outlets plus a protected modem telephone port. Power plugs into "B" style Continental European grounded electrical outlets. Insulates your laptop or other electronics from dangerous voltage spikes in 220 volt countries. Note: May need different grounded adaptors for other countries such as Italy, Switzerland or England.

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