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What kills most travelers?

Posted by Stuart Rose on

What kills most travelers?

Cardiovascular events (including heart attacks and strokes) and injuries accounted for 49% and 25% of the overseas deaths of US citizen travelers, respectively. Infectious diseases other than pneumonia accounted for only 1% of the deaths. Eighty percent of injury deaths occurred outside of hospitals. Injury death rates for male travelers were greater than US age-specific death rates.


Travel increases the chance of dying in an accident for males, especially under the age of 55. You can have your heart attack anywhere, but road safety overseas is often much less than in the US. I tell all my travel clinic clients: "Wear a seat belt—if there is one!"

There are ways to reduce your risk, whether it is protection against insect-borne diseases which are on the rise, wound treatment kits for remote places, or water treatment options where clean water is scarce. 

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