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Emergency Medical Care Abroad—Be Prepared!

Posted by Stuart Rose on

This is excerped from the New York Times on Sunday, May 31. I can see many travelers being in a simiar situation, and can show you how to be prepared.

"FOR weeks the breathing of my 8-year-old son, Bram, had become more labored, his medicinal inhaler increasingly vital. And then, one terrifying night nine months after we moved to this megacity, Bram’s inhaler stopped working and his gasping became panicked.

My wife called a friend, who recommended a private hospital miles away. I carried Bram to the car while my wife brought his older brother. India’s traffic is among the world’s most chaotic, and New Delhi’s streets are crammed with trucks at night, when road signs become largely ornamental. We undertook one of the most frightening journeys of our lives, with my wife in the back seat cradling Bram’s head.

When we arrived, doctors infused him with steroids (and refused to provide further treatment until a $1,000 charge on my credit card went through). A week later, Bram was able to return home."

Travel assistance companies, such as International SOS, can provide a policy that will "front the money" in a situatiion like this, and also transport you to a different facility, if necesssary.

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