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The two things I always tell travelers

Posted by Stuart Rose on

Rule #1: Don't get bitten by mosquitoes, ticks or flies. Apply DEET to you skin and Permethrin to you clothing. The combination will give you greater than 99% protection against bites. 

Rule #2: Wear your seat belt—IF THERE IS ONE!

Motor vehicle crashes — not terrorism, crime, infectious disease or plane travel — are the number one killer of healthy Americans abroad, according to the U.S. State Department. Poor road conditions, undertrained drivers, lack of emergency services, etc. are factors that increase your risk. What makes China, for example, and some other countries, particularly dangerous is how fearful people are to offer assistance to those in need due to an unpredictable and sometimes unfair legal system.

Excess mortality in travelers abroad is accident-related. Seat belts save lives. Your heart attack can occur anywhere.

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