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Going to the Amazon? This shot could be a life-saver.

Posted by Stuart Rose on

The disease yellow fever has a mortality of 40%. But this disease is preventable.

Yellow fever vaccine is recommended for all travelers to the Amazon. It's a weakened live virus vaccine and probably gives lifetime immunity from a single shot. The shot needs to be given a minimum of 10 days before travel.

If you can't get the shot, be sure to take measures to prevent daytime mosquito bites. Use a repellent containing at least 30 % DEET, such as Ultrathon, available from our online store.

Currently, a valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate is required if traveling to some countries in sub-Saharan Africa and South America where YF is active, even if you are arriving directly from the U.S. Check our Destination Guide or go to vaccination requirement for each country on your itinerary.

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