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Cancel the Brazil Olympic Games?

Posted by Stuart Rose on

Here's a provocative article published in the Harvard Public Health Review. Should the Games be cancelled because of the risk of spreading the Zika Virus worldwide?

I think its probably too late to cancel the games, from a logistical standpoint. It's not possible to predict the consequences of proceeding with the Olympics; there are too many variables in play. An intensive campaign to eliminate mosquito breeding areas of standing water, combined with application of mosquito repellent, could make a big difference. As for the risk of accelerating the worldwide spread of the Zika virus, it's important to remember that the Zika virus has already spread to many other countries and it is not just coming from Brazil. 

Note: More emphasis is now being put on harmful effects of the Zika virus besides birth defects, viz., Guillain-Barré syndrome.

More comprehensive Zika virus information from the New York Times.

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