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Zika Virus Review Article from the New England Journal of Medicine

Posted by Stuart Rose on

Here's an excellent article from the NEJM that provides the very latest information about the Zika Virus. You can see how widespread it has become. 

Remember that the Zika Virus is transmitted by daytime-biting mosquitoes and that the only prevention is the application of insect repellent to your skin; I also advise treating your clothes with permethrin fabric insecticide. 

Important: Although Zika Virus infection is often mild, a Zika-caused death has just been reported from Puerto Rico. This death was caused by bleeding from low platelets in the patient's blood.

Also, Zika can cause the Guillain-Barré Syndrome, an ascending paralysis starting in the legs. There is no treatment. Intubation is sometimes necessary if the paralysis reaches the respiratory muscles.


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