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Credit Card Benefits for Travel Assistance Abroad

Posted by Stuart Rose on

Travel Assistance Benefits with the American Express Platinum Card

If you need medical assistance when traveling over 100 miles from home, you should immediately contact the 24x7 emergency helpline by calling the number on the back of your American Express card. If you are overseas, you can call the Global Assist hotline 1-715-343-7979.

Global Assist is the company that provides Medical Evacuation and other services listed below.

Your coverage may be affected if you do not contact American Express.

Benefits are with Platinum Card membership. These benefits do not depend on you paying for your trip with the Platinum Card.

• Emergency medical evacuation up to USD $100,000 
• Emergency medical services up to USD $20,000 
• Emergency dental treatment up to USD $1,000 
• Prescription expenses up to USD $1,000 
• Hospitalization arrangements, coordination of arrangements for surgery when necessary, medical monitoring, Intensive Therapy or Coronary Care arrangements, emergency message relay.

In addition, if you encounter an emergency due to a civil or criminal offense, Platinum Travel Assistance will put you in contact with a lawyer in the country in which you are traveling, and will advance you up to USD $10,000 per trip to cover any legal or bail fees which will be charged automatically to your Platinum Card. 

In the event that your checked baggage is lost by a commercial carrier, Platinum Assistance will make every effort to track down your missing luggage and keep you posted on their progress. Should Platinum Assistance not be able to recover your luggage, you will be reimbursed up to a maximum of USD $1,200 per trip.

These benefits are quite generous, but you should talk with American Express if you are a Platinum Cardholder and plan on traveling overseas.

I will provide information on other Travel Assistance plans from Visa and MasterCard in the near future.

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